What is Muktapanchika and Laghulika?

Muktapanchika and Laghulika in Gujarati:
Muktapanchika in Gujarati: What is Muktapanchika in Gujarati?

Muktapanchika is a type of poetry in Gujarati.

Muktapanchika is a form of ‘short poetry’. Muktapanchika is composed of 5 short lines and has a total of 27 letters. First, second, fourth and fifth line contains 5 letters each, while the third line has 7 letters. Thus the five lines of Muktapanchika have 5-5-7-5-5 letters, totaling 27 letters.

The first Muktapanchika in Gujarati was published by Harish Dave on 13th May 2006 at his Gujarati Blog ‘Muktapanchika tathaa Kavita Gujarat and Gujarati’.

Muktapanchika is an emerging form of short poetry in Gujarati language.


Laghulika in Gujarati: What is Laghulika in Gujarati?

Laghulika is a type of very short story in Gujarati language. Laghulika is a form of ‘micro-fiction’ in Gujarati language. It can contain up to 300 words.

Laghulika is also termed as Laghavika. Laghavika means a very short story.

The first Gujarati Laghulika titled “Saayans klas” (SCIENCE CLASS) was published by Harish Dave on his blog “Muktapanchika ane Laghuvika” on October 11, 2016.

Laghulika (Laghavika) is an emerging form of very short story in Gujarati language.

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Muktapanchika and Laghulika (Laghavika) are the terms introduced by Harish Dave. Muktapanchika and Laghulika are introduced in Gujarati language to promote Gujarati literature.

You may enjoy Muktapanchika and Laghulika at the following Gujarati Blog published by Harish Dave:

Muktapanchika ane Laghulika (https://muktapanchika.wordpress.com)

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The first Muktapanchika in Gujarati language was written and published by Harish Dave in the year 2006 at his Gujarati Blog

“Muktapanchika tathaa Kavita” (URL: gujarat1.blogspot.com)

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